Driver Training Course

For Motorcoach Operators

The quality and content of your operator training is by far the most important factor in your operations. It sets the foundation for everything else you do.

This course contains the highest quality motorcoach driver training videos containing multiple narrators, many drivers and really demonstrates the safest actions to help driver do it right, the first time, every time.

Complete Course: $2,500    ORDER NOW

Proven to reduce accidents by at least 50%

Eight Programs plus Extensive Exam:

1. Safety Best Practices
2. LLLC Defensive Driving
3. Preventing Intersection Accidents
4. Preventing Rear End Collisions
5. Pedestrians & Bicycle Awareness
6. Merging, Lane Changing & Passing
7. Lift Operations & Securement Procedures
8. Professional Customer Service
9. Final Exam & Certification

Also Includes:

1. Classroom Trainer’s Guide
2. Behind-the-Wheel Trainer’s Guide
3. Driver’s Study Guide
4. Guide – How to get the most from the Driver Training Course
5. NORMS – How to set Safe Norms
6. Hard copy – Final Exam, Answer Key & Certificate
7. Two Posters

By far the best training course available. Changes driver behaviors to avoid unsafe acts.

Comprehensive & Systematic Driver Training Course