Customer Q&A with Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Co.

Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company is a private transportation company that has offered dependable transportation in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod for more than 128 years. Established as a streetcar company in 1888, it has evolved into a transit and motorcoach company providing regular route service to downtown Boston and Logan International Airport, contract shuttle transportation and seasonal tourist services to government agencies, and charter and tour services throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company has more than 100 employees including some 75 driver operators who are trained for both commuter and charter/tour services.

What problems, issues, or needs led you to engage Motorcoach Safety Training Company?

Many of our employees do not come to us with their Commercial Driver’s Licenses so we have a wide range of training needs. Our previous training program combined a patchwork of different training materials and many of those programs were outdated. Our drivers were not fully engaged and they frequently lost track of exactly what they were doing in training. We needed something that was modern, comprehensive, consistent, and customized for the motorcoach business.

What made you choose Motorcoach Safety Training Company? What made their programs stand out from others?

Unlike the generic materials we used in the past, Motorcoach Safety Training Company’s programs are tailored to the needs of our business. I also like the way the subject matter is organized. It gives me the ability to insert local information and pause for discussion at key points during the program. In addition to the materials themselves, the company was very responsive. They provided materials that we could preview and when we ordered they went above and beyond to provide a set of materials for each of our three facilities along with extra posters and student guides.

What have the implementation phase and ongoing relationship been like?

The program is very easy to work with. The videos are very professional and allow me to cover more material in less time. I can present the entire program in three-to-four weeks, compared to the six-to-eight weeks it took me to get through the eclectic mix of programs we used in the past. I no longer have to jump back and forth between programs. And anytime I have a question, I simply call the company and they resolve it.

How is Motorcoach Safety Training Company aligned with the values that drive your school district?

There are special aspects of driving motorcoaches that require special training. Safe driving is paramount, but it’s just one part of our operator’s job. Professional behavior and attentive customer service are also important. Everything from not eating or drinking on the job to minding the 15-second rule and greeting customers with a smile are important. The Motorcoach Safety Training Company videos cover all of these.

Can you share specifically how Motorcoach Safety Training Company helped you reach your goals?

I purchased these programs with the goal of driving the number of accidents and on- the-road incidents to zero. We’re not there yet but we’re getting very close. The operators who have completed the Motorcoach Driver Training course have better attitudes and are better drivers. Our rate of preventable accidents is definitely down, which saves me the three-to-four hours I spend on each accident report. And when there is an incident, I now have more time to sit down and review the situation with a driver while the event is still fresh in his or her mind. These programs have helped a lot and I am very happy with them.

How has working with Motorcoach Safety Training Company made your job/work life easier?

Safety is what drives our business and my job is to train people to be the safest operators. The Motorcoach Driver Training course gives me a much better base to work with. After completing this program, my drivers are more observant and drive better. That prevents accidents and keeps our passengers and employees safe.

What have been the greatest benefits of working with Motorcoach Safety Training Company?

The greatest benefit of working with Motorcoach Safety Training Company is the speed with which our employees learn its Motorcoach Driver Training course. Because the program is motor coach-focused, our employees are more engaged and absorb the material better and faster.

What surprised you or pleased you the most about working with Motorcoach Safety Training Company?

The Motorcoach Safety Training Company program tells drivers to expect the unexpected. That’s always been my motto and I was very pleased to see that philosophy emphasized in this program.

Would you recommend Motorcoach Safety Training Company to others? What positive benefits would you emphasize?

I have recommended the Motorcoach Safety Training Company to a number of other tour operators. I tell them how great this company is to work with and, because my drivers are on the road faster, my training costs have dropped.